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Learn to reach and maintain the best performance for yourself with online leadership training … even if the time you have on your hands is at a premium!
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Online Leadership Training:
Driving Clear And Inspiring Long-Lasting Results Within A Demanding And Continuously Changing Working Environment

Did you know that all leaders, no matter their age or experience, face the continual challenge of reaching and maintaining the best performance? And not just for themselves but also for their team?

It is true. Leaders are (often heavily) aware that every step they take has its effects. Whether positive or negative. And that they have to deal with the consequences.

Here is the problem: you most probably take challenges as if they are a necessary part of the deal.

There is no difference whether a person is an executive, leading a million-dollar firm or leading a one-person start-up. You think you have to deal with inefficiencies in daily work. Clarify which steps to take towards your organizational goals. Develop mechanisms to prevent a high turn-over. Or seek ways to keep everyone motivated.

What if I tell you that these challenges do not need to be “a necessary part of your work”?

From my experience, I know that the time you as a leader have on your hands is at a premium. And
that performance needs to lead to lasting results at affordable costs.


Beyond Leadership
The Foundation Program
Online Leadership Training

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The Beyond Leadership – The Foundation Program is a short online leadership training program. It is developed to provide leaders like you with a practical foundation to discover your drives (motivators). This is done so through the Management Drives methodology, whereby three easy steps reinforce your leadership style. After completing this program, you understand how you can use your natural motivation to its fullest advantage.
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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll In The Online Leadership Training Foundation Program

After you sign up for online leadership training, you will receive your login details to start the online program at your own pace. You will go through three steps, taking you about three hours to complete the entire program. You will know what naturally drives you, what your strengths are, how to stay motivated, and how to motivate others.
And at the end of the program, you will find your natural balance as a leader.

Benefit 1 - Insight into what naturally drives you

Knowing and acknowledging your concrete strengths and pitfalls. This enables you to move along the authentic leadership path through inspired action.

Benefit 2 – Learn The Secrets To Stay Motivated Forever

You will discover how to stay motivated. This online leadership training program also teaches you how to motivate others based on drives.

Benefit 3 – Purposefully using strengths

Easily discuss behavior by having a concrete and practical tool at your fingertips. You will then see how to use your strengths to maximize performance purposefully.

Benefit 4 – A balanced leader in any situation

As you build onto your strengths through this program, increase your motivation, and become aware of how to take inspired action, you will naturally find your balance as a leader.

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Online Leadership Training Foundation Program

Here's What You Will Get In The Online Leadership Training Foundation Program

Four colorful graphs showcasing an example of an individual Management Drives: Foundation Program profile.
Take the Management Drives survey online and receive your individual Drives profile straight in your inbox.
A business man's hand holding a mobile which displays a Management Drives: Foundation Program profile graph.
Use the Management Drives App to have easy access to your profile and those of your team members.
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After receiving your profile, you will have a One-to-One profile feedback coaching session. Further options, such as team sessions, will be tailor-made to fit your specific situation and needs.
These Are The Online Leadership Training Bonuses You Will Get
Instant Profile Access
You will have the opportunity to download a free app with instant and easy access to your personal Management Drives Profile. In this App, you can also connect with others.
Transformative Coaching Session
Instead of just receiving your profile in a pdf file, you will get a One-to-One coaching session to discuss your drive profile in-depth.
Concrete Action Points And Next Steps
You will receive concrete action points at the end of your coaching session. Direct applicability guaranteed! Furthermore, the coach will discuss with you possible follow-up steps tailored to your needs and interest.
About The Online Leadership Training Program Instructor - Melanie Shudofsky
Melanie has over ten years of experience working in business, healthcare, and international development as a manager, advisor, and healthcare professional in multiple countries throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia. She has worked in an international start-up to non-governmental and international organizations and local government institutions.

Melanie's extensive knowledge and experience of the global work field in which leaders operate allows her to be a true expert in leadership coaching and organizational development consultancy. She is excited to bring you the Beyond Leadership Program, and she is looking forward to meeting you online!
Melanie Shudofsky (Effective Leadership Development Coach) drawing a Management Drives profile during an effective leadership training.
Here’s What People Are Saying About The Program Instructor
A One-Time Investment With A Lifetime Return
The Program is not a single solution for a particular moment in time. The investment is for both the here and now and the future. The program provides you with an essential foundation for your professional and personal life. It consists of insights, practical tools (available in an app on your phone), and opportunities to further learn and grow. It is a one-time investment with a lifetime return.

And it is not about what you should do as a leader, but what you can do based on your natural motivation. That is exactly what you will discover in the Foundation Program: your drives.

Whether it comes to personal leadership, team management, or influencing an entire organization's culture, drives are the key to success or failure.
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Your investment is for both the here and now and the future.
Discover how you can increase your effectiveness as a leader based on what truly motivates you.

The Foundation Program: Online Leadership Training

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  • ● Lifetime Leadership Tips In The MD App
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Most frequent questions and answers
No! Firstly, the Management Drives software does not measure your personality type. The Management Drives software measures and provides insight into what motivates a team or person. Management Drives uses a language with six colors, uniquely presented in a matrix. Each color stands for a style of leadership or organizational culture. Therefore, it is unique as it creates a connection between organizational development and culture, team development, and individual leadership.
Yes, you can take the time you need to complete every step of the program. However, for taking the online Management Drives questionnaire, it is recommended to complete it in the suggested 20-to-30-minute timeframe. Once you have completed the questionnaire and received your profile, it is up to you to schedule the appointment in the scheduler provided in the online program environment – at a date and time which fits your schedule best. I know – you are busy!
We highly recommended scheduling your One-to-One coaching session: it is the icing on the cake! During this session, your coach will discuss your Management Drives profile with you personally, build onto your strengths, discuss potential points for growth and further development according to your situation and needs.
There is no formal preparation which you have to do before the coaching session. Just make sure you have read your profile and have it on hand, either digital or as a printed document.
The coaching session will take place through Zoom. You will receive a Zoom invitation for your scheduled session.

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Your investment is for both the here and now and the future.
Discover how you can increase your effectiveness as a leader based on what truly motivates you.

The Foundation Program: Online Leadership Training

$ 499
  • ● Immediate Start
  • ● Lifetime Profile Access
  • ● Lifetime Leadership Tips In The MD App
35% Off
A Personal Note From Melanie
Melanie Shudofsky during a Management Drives training program: effective Leadership starts with knowing what truly motivates you and your team.
❝Start with ease; take your step now. I am proud to provide you this program, and I genuinely hope you will sign up to help you discover what you need in becoming and maintaining that balanced and effective leader no matter the situation!❞

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