Puzzle showing the six colors of the six management drives.
Uncovering what's driving a person's behavior or organization's culture with Management Drives directly impacts organizational success.

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Personal leadership and organizational success start with Drives

To be an exceptional leader and to secure organizational success, you have to begin with personal leadership. And knowledge of your own drives is essential for this. In addition, leaders must deal with a rapidly changing environment—a constant tension between individual needs and the organization’s goals. And the demands of collaborating professionals.

But nowadays, leadership is not only confined to the CEO or the management. Instead, modern leadership focuses on nourishing individual development while realizing the organizational mission and goals.

And that is the mission I have for my coaching and consultancy services: guiding people in their personal leadership development while connecting it to organizational success.

Management Drives for personal and organizational success

I work with the Management Drives methodology and applications. Both with my leadership coaching and organizational development consultancy services.

Management Drives shows you that both people and organizations have dominant thinking patterns and habits. These thinking patterns result from drives. These drives largely predict how you behave and how your team and organization operate.  Each drive is represented with a color.

Drives Matrix for personal leadership development

Management Drives matrix showing the six different drives in six different colours. Each color stands for a leadership style or organizational culture.

Management Drives personal leadership profile

The Management Drives model developed 25 years ago, after measuring over 250,000 people internationally. This model works with six drives, each of which can differ in sequence and strength. In addition, we distinguish the positive and negative aspects of these drives.

Based on six drives, many personal profiles, leadership styles, and organizational cultures are possible. And that is truly unique.

Subsequently, your development as a leader starts with recognizing your profile by yourself and your colleagues, appreciating each other’s strengths, and knowing which improvements you wish to make together.

So with your profile at hand, you can get practical clarity on your potential strengths and pitfalls. Moreover, you will be able to answer the questions: “What can you do to reinforce your leadership?” “How can you contribute to organizational success?”

Thanks to the profiles, things that used to seem rather vague, soft, and “just having a feeling” immediately become clear-cut and measurable.

Using tensions constructively for personal and organizational success

Management Drives also offers you an insight into the different cultures and tensions. And especially how you can constructively use these.

Of course, a certain amount of tension is necessary to get things done, but too much tension leads to stress, paralysis, and incorrect actions.

Tensions are part of life. And there are always competing demands on your time, energy, and commitment. For example, you may want to have a career, personally develop, achieve goals, and be there for others while having time for private life, family, sports, and hobbies. Wanting so much in such little time creates tension.

Drives give you a clear overview of this tension and give direction to the choices you make.

Know better. Do better.

Management Drives reinforces your personal leadership and organizational success. This is achieved by helping you to understand how you can use your drives to their fullest advantage.

By understanding what truly motivates you as a leader and your team through the Management Drives methodology, you will:

1.  Have better long-lasting results and higher satisfaction.
2. Have a concrete and practical tool at your fingertips with which you will see how to use every employee’s strengths to maximize performance purposefully.
3. Master authentic leadership by having insight into your specific strengths and pitfalls and your team’s.
4. Strengthen teamwork, increase motivation and take inspired action, naturally find your balance as a leader by taking easy and practical steps.

Are you curious about developing your personal leadership towards excellence? You can find more details on how to get your personal profile at the Programs section of my website.

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